He Met Me At The Cross

As I walked through the parking lot to the church building, I looked up and thought to myself, “I just need to feel important. I need to matter. I need to make a difference.”

I was already late to my Sunday School class but had missed so many Sundays . . . I just couldn’t miss another day . . . my soul thirsted to be in its place –

I snuck in quietly to not disturb the class or teacher and went straight to where I knew he would be teaching, Matthew 10. I had already missed quite a bit of material, but his next words were geared for me – straight from heaven – from my Lord –

“They (referring to the disciples) were nobodies . . . and they changed the world.”

I need your strength Lord. Thank you for a filling and powerful worship service. Thank you for meeting me right where I was – empty and needing to be filled. Amen.

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