I remember specific times in my faith walk when I felt and believed my prayers were just bouncing back down off the ceiling. I think we all have walked through those days. I was reflecting on those memories this morning when the Lord reminded me of the times I felt the most distant where the times I received impromptu texts or calls from friends.

They would read like this:

“Stacey, the Lord brought you to mind today. Is everything okay?”

“Stacey, you came to mind today and I just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you. Hope you are doing well.”

“Stacey, I’ve missed you!”

“Stacey, the Lord brought you to mind today that I was to pray for you. Is there anything specific I can pray for?”

“Stacey, God’s got this.”

“Stacey, God has a plan for your life.”

“Stacey, I love you.”

I remember specifically a phone call that came to me from a friend . . she said, (this is paraphrased to the best of my memory but these words stuck with me) “Stacey, the Lord has had me praying for you for a long time. In fact, there have been times in my life when I was being disobedient and didn’t want to pray, but that burden to pray for you was so intense that I would ask God to hear my prayers and not hold back because of my own sin.”


Can I just tell you the prayers of intercession on behalf of other saints is powerful!

Yesterday morning I had a physical need. I messaged a friend that I knew would pray. Within minutes God had moved on my behalf. I called at 8:03 for an appointment. Nothing open. FIVE MINUTES LATER the clinic called there had been a cancellation for 9:00! WITH MY DOCTOR!

This morning I had an encounter, and as soon as the words were spoken to me I knew it was because of the prayers of that same saint. He moved in such a miraculous way even thinking on it again has me covered in chill bumps.

Praying has always been important to me, something I don’t take lightly. I remember many times the Lord has brought others to mind. I never had to call and find out what was going on because I knew if God was telling me to pray it was for a reason . . . one specific moment was when God had me praying daily for someone. I found out months later she had been walking through another miscarriage (oh how I have goosebumps again).

You know, it’s just incredible how the Lord works . . . He takes a nobody and makes them usable for the glory of God. Oh that He would value me . . . a once hoochie, thief, liar, and drunk . . . a woman who said God was a male chauvinistic pig . . . and yet He forgave that and now HE hears my prayers for others. It’s overwhelming. And then He speaks to others on my behalf so that He can move . . . . .  I wonder if He does that for the person they are praying for or if He is doing it for the person praying . . .  so that they can see the importance of their intercession. Maybe a little bit of both I guess . . . .  But I would say it takes this thing called Grace to a whole new level.