As I sit here watching and waiting to hopefully see our Widget at his last known location (literally three doors down across the street) – I keep thinking about something my friend said, “maybe the storm will bring him home.”

I have walked through many storms through my life . . . some self-inflicted (I call those storm chasers), some the consequences of others actions, and some are just life’s trials.

I’ve wondered if the Lord was as anxious and frustrated with me this week during my times of running.

I’ve wondered if Widget knows how close he is to home (he’s not an outside cat – his scent is inside not outside) and how close his family is.

I’ve wondered if he doubts we love him.

I’ve wondered if he is thinking we aren’t looking for him.

I’ve wondered if he thinks he is alone.

And while I completely understand those concerns might seem ridiculous to someone on the outside, the reason I am sensitive to those questions is because those are similar questions I’ve wondered myself when I was running.

In times of loneliness.

In times of desperation.

In times of sorrow.

In times of rebellion.

In times of rejection.

In times of disobedience.

In times of anger.

In times of bitterness.

In times of heartache.

The one thing I know, in each of those circumstances, all I had to do is turn around and God was right there. I know that because in each of these experiences I eventually turned around. And He was right there.

He had never left me.

He never stopped loving me.

He never stopped waiting for me either.

Whether you are running from God, or in the middle of the storm, I promise He’s there . . . . waiting on you to turn around and simply run home.