I started learning shortly after becoming a believer in Jesus that sometimes God allows us to walk through trials, not to punish us but to make us more aware of the hurting of others, to make us more compassionate, understanding, giving, loving . . . to make us more aware of the Holy Spirit and quicken our spirit in order to help others. In recent months, I’ve been blessed to recognize that the hard moments are times to pray, “Lord, what is this I am to learn through this and I can’t wait to see who it is you bring in to my life that will need my help in being comforted.”

Tuesday  night one of our beloved cats escaped our home. I’ve been looking for him daily, sharing on social media, lost and found sites, putting up flyers, visiting stores, talking to strangers . . . . most have been willing and compassionate . . . some not so nice, but the ones willing to watch and talk with me are the ones who have lost a pet before . . . they know what we are feeling.

That’s comforting.

One lady this morning said, “never give up hope. Mine was gone for three weeks and she was under the shed across the street.”

I have visited the shelter three times in three days. They said I can pick up a trap on Monday and keep it for the week so Monday morning I will be right back over there for a trap.

This morning my daughter went with me. We drove around and walked for four hours. She said what I had already wondered, “Mom – do you think the Lord is letting this happen so we know how it feels to lose a pet?”

I’ve cried a lot this week.

I will cry some more.

I’ve cried while writing these simple thoughts . . . .

But this I know for sure . . . . I have become more sensitive to those who have lost a pet. More aware of lost pet flyers . . . more aware of when no words are needed but when strangers need a hug.

I’ve also thought of how much time I’ve spent looking for Widget that we love dearly . . . and then I’ve thought about how little I seek out the lost to share the gospel in relation to the energy I’ve spent this week looking for Widget.

I don’t know the why’s of this week’s endeavor, but I do know the Who. And I know He can use any and everything for His good. I have to seek Him and ask Him what it is He wants me to learn . . . . and when I do that simple part . . . He usually shows me.


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