Such irony seeing those two words together. But that’s what I keep hearing . . . teaching Jesus with hatred . . . Ugh. 

How stupid can a person be? And yes, I’m making a judgment call, one I know I will also be held accountable to as well (see, I know the entire scripture verse not just the “thou shalt not judge” part). So if you are looking for a politically correct post just keep scrolling. 

There is a time and place for everything. And there is a way to present the gospel that is sweet and aromatic that draws in the lost and hurting. 

And there is a way to push the angry and hurting away too. Especially when they have seen people who are professing to be christians drinking it up to the point of intoxication in bars. Especially when they are cursing and perverted but preaching Jesus on corners and in the pulpit. Especially when saying they are believers but liars and thieves. Now I get it, we all blow it. And I among anyone know my own sin far better than anyone else, but thank God He loves me and because I asked Jesus in to my heart the Holy Spirit lives in me so when I blow it, I know it. He shows me. And Him dealing with me is far worse than your words and actions. Trust me.  But if you come at me with hatred in your heart it does nothing but cause division. 

And Satan’s name . . . means division. 

Yes, the fact is we have a choice to make. And to not choose is to choose. 

Heaven or Hell. 

But browbeating someone who is hurting and angry at God is only going to make a person more unreachable. 

There is a time and a place for everything. 

If a person doesn’t sense you are genuinely concerned and that you care then threatening them with hell just dug their heels even deeper in the sand. I mean come on, would you really want to be a Christian if the gospel was introduced with hate . . . isn’t that a bit hypocritical of the gospel?

Didn’t Jesus come to give life and give it abundantly? 

Didn’t Jesus heal the lame?

Didn’t Jesus encourage the hurting to come to Him? The thief’s? The liars? The drunks? The adulters? The prostitutes? The beggars? Didn’t the lineage of Christ come through a pristitute?!

Didn’t Jesus have compassion?

Didn’t Jesus show love? 

Didn’t Jesus present the gospel with love and and sincerity? 

I’m kind of thinking . . . If Jesus was a jerk then He probably wouldn’t have had such a large following.  

We all have choices to make. And I know God has used fire and brimstone preachers to save the lost, but in my short time of walking with the Lord, it is the stories of hope and redemption, the people who were caring and compassionate and INVESTED in me that God used to draw me in to Him. 

Please, if you don’t know a person and aren’t willing to spend time getting to know them and form a relationship with them, please don’t tell them they are going straight to hell and then walk away.