I can’t remember a time in fourteen years of marriage when I have actually told my husband something I would like to have for a birthday, or even Christmas for that fact. Several years ago one of my children dropped my good camera and broke it. It was never replaced but oh how I have desired to have a good camera again. My husband and I talked about me purchasing a new (or even used) camera in recent months but I just couldn’t bring myself to doing it. Spending that kind of money on me when there are so many other needs just made me uncomfortable . . . so when I said I wouldn’t do it, even after picking out the one I really would like to have, my husband did it. The darn thing would still be sitting in my amazon cart just waiting on me to order it if it wasn’t for him. I’ve spent the last few days practicing and trying to learn the camera. These photos are simply me playing with the lenses and learning what does what. This new camera is much more detailed and full of features I know nothing about, so it will take time to learn it all. I didn’t do any color changes or use any filters. I did crop some photos, but that’s it. These are mostly the animals in our house, a couple of the kids, and some crafts I’ve worked on. A couple of the cats are rescues that were dumped and are pregnant, one having her babies just a few nights ago. I can’t wait to learn how to adjust the filters and colors.