I thank God for pennies. I pick up every penny I can, regardless if it’s on heads or tails, clean or dirty. The penny is almost always stepped over and forgotten . . . I have heard it called worthless. I have heard one say, “oh it’s just a penny, leave it.” 

But it’s so much more. 

I think of pennies like the lost soul, Be it a rich person or poor person. I think of pennies as the homeless sitting on the corner. Or the person that just doesn’t quite fit in dress wise because they can’t afford the nice of the nice and are judge because they don’t play the part well. Or maybe the uneducated one that is often looked over because surely they can’t have anything to contribute to the cause. Every time God gives me a penny it does something to my soul. The words, “In God We Trust” engraved on pennies . . . the coin with least monetary value . . . reminds me to not put my trust in man and or  money, but in God. 

The strangest thing happened this morning. Christopher has been up all night. He never slept and kept waking us up. It was a long night and I was tired. I was keeping Christopher home from church, which I was ugly and mean about, but fifteen minutes before his dad and Kaitlyn were leaving for church he decides he wants to go. Well that really got under my skin because I’m still in my pajamas. Hair is oily. I stink because I may or may nothave  showered in days. I hadn’t had any breakfast and was aggravated. There was no way I could get ready and there was no way I was going like I was so I stayed behind. 

But then I realized just what God was giving me . . . 

The house was quiet. 

I needed quiet. 

I haven’t stopped in eight weeks and a few days. 

I have had adults or kids or animals (which I completely understand is my choice) and work and I’ve done nothing to care for me so the quiet was nice. It allowed me to finish a project. To love on the animals. And be quiet. And while that was amazing I couldn’t shake the desire to be on the beach. Now I like the beach but I could care less about the crowds or the heat. It’s not my favorite place to go but I enjoy the serenity of it. But the feeling to go just wouldn’t leave me. I remembered I bought an annual pass to Ft Pickens, so I got dressed and began my way to Ft Pickens. My kids hate the windows down. And Christopher doesn’t tolerate loud music well, so I did what I enjoyed . . . I rolled down my windows, opened the sun roof and I cranked up the amazing sound system the Lord gave me. About the time I arrived to the beach Olive went live on Facebook. The worship time was incredible. Just me. Just God. Driving down the road as if I was of utmost importance to Him (because I am, just like you are to Him). I had no idea where I was going but sensed His presence guiding me. I always get nervous venturing off alone. My anxiety leaves me worrying about some of the stupidest things, but nonetheless I drove. I reached a small parking lot with only a few cars and parked. The waves are crashing wildly and the wind blowing even wilder. But as I walk to my resting place I look down and find the most beautiful treasure.


A penny. 

A tarnished and corroded penny amongs the beautiful shells and sand. As if it was sitting there just for me (okay so I know it was). 

I found my spot and listened to the remaining music and Pastor’s sermon. 

I didn’t have to talk. 

I didn’t have to fix something. 

I didn’t have to answer any questions. 

I didn’t have to smile. 

I didn’t fret that I am late on sending out Thrive trials. 

I didn’t fret that I’m behind in sign orders. 

I sat. 

I rested. 

Just me. 

Just God. 

And while the wind and waves are still crashing and others have come and gone around me, I was never alone. I was given this time . .  A Devine time . . . To be like the penny. 

Dirty and overlooked. . . . Yet rich in worth.