Simple Gestures of Kindness

Yesterday the girl child and I drove out to Pensacola Beach so we could watch the release of eight sea turtles at Ft Pickens. While we didn’t get there in time to see the release, one person’s sweet gentle gesture made an impact on my day and even found its way back in to my thoughts this morning. 

I’ve heard over and over the stories of people paying for another’s food order or coffee through the drive through line but I’ve never experienced it personally . . . until yesterday. The charcoal gray truck in front of us paid our dollar toll at Pensacola Beach. I was caught in a moment of confusion and shock, and wow. Because of his kind gesture it made it possible to then pass it on the vehicle behind us. 

What a feeling of excitement it caused . . .  

What a feeling of importance it showed that God would use another to pay my way . . .

What a thrill it gave me to pass it on . . . 

. . . Over a buck. 

God is so in the details of life. He shows His hand time and time again in the sweetness of gestures. I have wondered if the person that finally stopped the kind gesture started by an unknown motorist was a single mom weary and broke and needed that dollar just as much as she needed her time away that morning. Or maybe it was a husband and wife finally taking time for themselves that morning. Or maybe it was a hard hearted man who has so much money and wealth but no love or joy.  While I will never know the person that blessed me tremendously nor the person it was passed on to, I hope they saw God’s love through the gesture . . . of a buck. 

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