The path to growth is slow at times, but it’s worth it. 

The Lord has used my craft parties and Thrive income to get us off food stamps and Medicaid (for my kids). My hope and prayer has been that He will allow me to continue to THRIVE so I can do four craft events next year that will pay for me and Chris to finally be able to afford health insurance. A few days ago I registered ImperfectCreations      with the State of Florida business name registry and today I received my home occupational permit. The next step is the Dept of Revenue. I am thankful for these baby steps and I am thankful that the Lord has continued to go before me and guide me. I am thankful that when I was faithless He remained faithful.  I am thankful that at the age of 45 He taught me a new skill and that He continues to show me He can use me if I only allow Him.