I’m working on my first clock.

I get so nervous when trying something new in fear I will mess it up. I’m reading the directions to the clock assembly and it says there’s a chip in the piece that keeps up with time changes in the spring and fall. How crazy is that?! Has it always been that way? I remember turning the clock hands to the new time on many occasions . . .  But maybe I missed something? Maybe I didn’t REALLY need to change all those clocks after all?! 

Technology is advancing in ways I never imagined. It has so many wonderful purposes like instant gratification (hmmm, kind of wondering if that’s always a good thing?). My personal favorite part about the advancement of technology is the way I can video with my daughter and grandkids any time I want to. So even though we are hundreds and hundreds of miles away they are right there within my grip . . . Sorta. But you know what I mean. It’s a good thing. But then I think about how it is taking away all of the physical and mental actions in life . . . Like simply changing the hands on a clock . . . or memorizing phone numbers. Isn’t it sad that I still remember my mother’s phone number for the last twenty years but any numbers in the last ten years are nowhere in my memory bank. In all the bells and whistles technology brings, it saddens me to see it taking away the necessity of thinking. 
Oh Lord, help me use my brain more. To seize the moments in time that are valuable. To not get so wrapped up in the bells and whistles that I miss the blessings in front of me. Amen.