Continuing to Grow

God continues to use my son to teach me that someone else’s normal is not going to ever be my normal. 

Today we hung hunting gear panels in the boy’s door frame. He wants privacy and his room dark at times when he’s needing to bring himself down, but leaving the door closed constantly increases our air circulation problem and locks cats in his room with no way out, leading to other problems. We were entertaining several options to compromise with his needs . . .  Our first thought was a half door, like the ones in nursery care facilities, but that wouldn’t solve his privacy issue. Then we came up with oversized saloon type doors but that didn’t seem to work either. But then my mom had an idea . . . Put a tension rod in the door frame and hang curtains. And he actually liked the idea! I remembered seeing some hunting camouflage panels used for hunters to camouflage their camp area in the woods. The material is textirized with leaf patterns cut out and zig zagged for a more natural look. The tension rod wove beautifully (and even straight) through the top layers of leaves. I cut the bottom to fit and will use the remainder to work on a canopy of sorts to make a tent for him over his bed. He is thrilled. His room is dark but air flows through the panels and the cats are able to go in and out (and maybe hang in the panels from time to time!)

So while my son is thankful and it thrills my heart to have a solution to both of our problem, my first thought was, “yuck. I don’t want curtains hanging from his door. What are people going to think when they come over and see it?” 

So many times I hear about and witness people trying to live up to their neighbor’s standards to fit it and here I am worried about what some Joe Smoe thinks about panels hanging in my hallway when I should be celebrating the fact God took care of another need to help our home function better. 

I am thankful the Lord continues to teach me and grow me. That He is bettering me to be a free thinker and hopefully taking me to a new place in freedom where one day I will never worry about what other people think about me again.  

2 thoughts on “Continuing to Grow

  1. I think it’s a pretty neat idea. I used to let the girls put stickers on their bedroom doors, yes the hallway side. It’s my home. They are unique and I gave them a creative freedom. People may think it’s inappropriate or that I’ve taught them not to respect other people’s property but they are far from the truth. I also allowed them to have messy rooms. I would help clean if they asked. The only thing I asked was that there be a path to the bed to kiss them goodnight. Why a messy room. I prefer our shared living space to be clean and that to be a main priority. Their space is theirs. They need to learn what their likes and dislikes are, not to have it pushed on them because this is what society expects. The trash must be dumped, no food or sugary drinks allowed. They can arrange their room however they like. Pick colors and themes within reason (no black walls) and they organize and decorate to their taste


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