It’s this easy y’all. I thank the Lord for providing for me to Thrive. These last six weeks have been rough. Multiple trips to Tallahassee, dad passing away, Christopher was hospitalized three days (more no sleep), I had a horrible fall that left me in so much spine discomfort I could hardly bend and move freely, and then there’s the nail I stepped on at the dump that went through my boot . . . Yeap. I had a reaction to the tetanus shot. I still have a knot the size of a half dollar and boy does it hurt . . . And we won’t EVEN talk about the stress Irma caused . . . but here’s the thing y’all . . . 

I didn’t miss a day of Thrive.

 And I know that I know that I know if the last six weeks of events had occurred pre-April I would have been down and I would have been down hard. Have I had bad days? Absolutely. 
Did I miss walking? Yeap. 
Were there days I wondered if I was going to bounce back. Yes. 
But I kept on. 
Here’s what I noticed . . . The days I didn’t get my water in, I felt even worse. But I continued. 
Why did I continue? Because I knew this product was filling my nutritional gaps and knew God was using Thrive to make me better.  
I shared with a friend just yesterday, “Thrive won’t take your sickness away but by filling the nutritional gaps in your body it makes it all better.” 

The aches and discomforts better. 
It helps with my energy levels. 
It helps with my sleep. 
It helps with my gut support (no more running to the bathroom fifteen minutes after I eat). 
It helps with my brain fog.
And I’m shrinking . . . It’s helping weight management. 
AND it’s an all natural product. 
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I’d love to have you in this journey with me.