It’s 8:52 a.m. My phone rang just moments ago from my widowed senior adult neighbor across the street. I don’t check on her daily by phone, but I am constantly looking over her property and shoooing away trespassers and salesmen. Mrs. Pace comes from a generation that believed in hard work and was dedicated to their work and their word. She also comes from a generation that didn’t believe in asking for help, or letting too many people close. Mrs. Pace was a tough cookie to break. I don’t disrespect my elders often but I very clearly remember the day she let me in. I told her, “Mrs. Pace, God has told us to do this and if you don’t let us then you are robbing us of our blessing.” That changed everything. 

I met her about two years ago, shortly after God miraculously provided this house for us. My other widowed, senior adult neighbor told Mrs. Pace I was nice, so she wanted to come see for herself. 😄  

Last week, before Irma was supposed to reach to the east of us, I checked on my neighbors. Made sure they had water and food . . . Batteries and flashlights. Assured them if we lost power or something bad happened I’d get to them. You know, doing what we are all called to do for our widows. God tells us to care for our widows . . . and if I can chase a rabbit the Lord keeps bringing to mind . . .  I’ve never understood a church that doesn’t do that, and I cringe when I hear someone say, “act like a Christian.” As a follower of Christ, it’s my responsibility to do . . . and to “be” the hands and feet of Jesus . . . not act. . . actors play a role that is not themselves. Believer’s shouldn’t be actors (fakers) of the faith. But doers. And we don’t need to aim for perfection either because then we set ourselves up for failure. The best way to stay in tune with God’s will for our individual life is to seek Him and His desire daily. God’s plan for my life is not the same as yours. It’s okay for my life to be different than yours and it’s okay for my yes’ to be your no’s. That’s how God uses the body of Christ to reach different social settings and economic levels.

Anyway . . .  

I find it amazing how God placed us right next to not one, but two widowed, senior adult citizens. I often find myself envious of people who can go and serve in various areas of the country or even other countries. I struggle with not being enough. But then God reels me in and reminds me that I am enough. That He transformed a hard, cold, selfish heart into a loving and compassionate heart for the lowly and down and out. He shows me that He has me right where Be needs me to serve the most.  He has shown me that even when I can’t DO . . . I can still be a voice because someone will hear of a need because of my voice, and they will be able to do. He has shown me and continues to show me that obedience sometimes means doing nothing. Oh and that one gives me goosebumps! Obedience sometimes means doing nothing. That brings comfort to my heart and a smile across my face. We all have different seasons. Some to serve. Some to give. Some to sacrifice. And some to rest. 

This last month has brought a lot of heartache. The passing of my dad. My son being hospitalized. Friend’s loved ones passing. So much loss. But this morning . . . God sent me a smile through Mrs. Pace’s call. A calmto confirm God is using me right where He placed me. A call of comfort.  She called me to simply tell me she loved me. That she appreciates me always looking out for her. That she is thankful to God for bringing me here. And that I am a blessing to her. 

I guess it turns out she needs me as much as I need her.  When I thought I was doing nothing , He was doing something. 

Please don’t question your worth. Your value. If you question your purpose or compare yourself to others, ask Him for direction.  He has a place for you.