Addictions come in various ways and forms. Regardless of one’s choice of addiction, the ripple affect that grows, usually targeting loved ones to clean up the crap, often leaves those of us caught in the ripples feeling hurt, angry, betrayed, and weak.

As I drove over the Escambia Bay Bridge this morning I found myself talking with the Lord, “Lord, I can’t do this again. I’m so tired. I’m not strong enough for this.” Minutes later two different songs began playing through the radio.

A total God-moment for sure.

Praying doesn’t always take place on bended knee, nor in public viewing, and not always in that secret place . . .  praying can take place anywhere. When we pray, we leave a door way open to our hearts for God to respond. Sometimes it is a sweet gentle spirit that brings comfort, sometimes it a a vivacious cheerful saint speaking boldly of the gospel, sometimes it’s the wind blowing and the rain hitting our cheeks, sometimes it’s in the sunrise or the sunset, sometimes it’s through a friend that reaches out and says, “you’ve been on my mind, how are you?” and sometimes the Lord speaks right through the radio . . .

If you are struggling today, regardless what the problem is . . . You are’t alone . . . in this very moment I hope and pray you will go to your secret place and play these songs. Surely I’m not the only one needing to be held by my Father in heaven and surely I’m not the only one thinking I need to be strong for everyone.