Saturday was the first time in two years I was physically able to work in the yard.  It was refreshing to my soul. The Lord used to always speak to me through gardening and He showed me Himself again this morning.

I had two plant/bushes that did amazing in pots last year. This year they have done nothing.

No blooms.

No new growth.

Very few leaves have come back from the winters dormant season.

And the coloring was a pale greenish yellow, not their vibrant green they usually have.

I assumed the plants were root bound but hadn’t taken the time to really do anything with them . . . until Saturday.

I dug the holes and removed the tightly compacted ball of roots from the pot. broke up the roots with the shovel, applied good soil to hole, placed the plant in the hole, covered it, and fertilized it. I explain each step to you because each step of the process was important. And necessary. If I didn’t dig the hole deep enough or add  good soil, or if I didn’t break up that hard root ball . . . or if I didn’t fertilize the plant . . . then the plant would have missed important things that it needs to thrive. It hasn’t bloomed since last year. And here it is, three days after being made uncomfortable. . . Three days after being pruned . . . Three days after being given space to grow . . . Three days after being fertilized . . . And we have flowers blooming.

The same can be said about us. When we remove ourselves from bad situations, surround ourselves with positive people, when we prune and set healthy boundaries, when we spend time (digging deep) in the word to feed our souls . . . We bloom. Right where we are planted. 

purple flowers

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.
John 15:2