More often than not we don’t truly appreciate something or someone until they are gone. I don’t want to be that way. I want to seize every moment and recognize each person as a gift that has been brought in to my life for a reason, even if just for a season.

Today I am thankful for the men and women from the past to the present that God has brought in to my life in order to make me a better person . . . those who made a difference in my life . . . whether they were used to lead me to the Lord as my personal Savior, whether they have taught me and led me spiritually to be in a closer walk with the Lord, or to challenge me to be a better person over all, or to challenge me to show grace to someone I’d rather stomp  not deal with, whether it is a person that teaches me to have space, or a person that teaches me to be obedient even when I would rather hibernate . . . . When I think about who and how and where so many of them came from it become mind boggling . . . think about it.

Who are the people in your life right this minute that you know for a fact God ordained the meeting.


Our Lord loves us so much that He chose you to impact someone’s life.


Lord, I thank you for the people who have brought in to my life to grow me, challenge me, soften me, encourage me, and to be available to me. Thank you for the divine plan you have and had in their lives. Lord, open my eyes to who You would have me make a difference in this day. I love you. amen.