Last year my neighbor’s dog dug under my fence and killed my girls. I had hatched my Black Cochin (Happy Feet) in an incubator and we were given her back as well as two of her girls she had hatched when we moved in our house last year. So when we lost them, especially the way we did, it was hard. My heart was broken.

We started over a few months ago with a Rhode Island Red, Dominequer, and a Speckled Sussex. Our RIR decided she would fly over our 6ft fence, even after cutting her wings back, and our dogs got her.

I know, right?

We purchased three more girls a few weeks ago and were quite content, an “I don’t know, a Black Maran, and a Buff Orpington. They are between four and six months old but came from a very over crowded and unkept area so they were kept separate for several weeks. We let them meet the older girls a few days ago. It’s been a better transition than I expected.

Then I get a phone call from a dear friend. “Stacey, we are thinning our flock. I have a RIR and a fluffy butt (YES! A COCHIN!) that I need to move out, would you want them?” I could not believe it. God was returning to us a great layer (RIR)  and one of my favorites . . . a Cochin. When I told K she was so excited (my chicken whisperer lol), but asked if she had an ugly chicken too. Ugly Betty, that we thought was a hen and was actually a rooster, was hers that had to be rehomed. So she showed up with what she calls an ugly hen for K . . . but she is gorgeous. The husband that would lasso the moon for me put them in the run. It did not go well. The new girls are 1 to 3 years old. They have been fighting through the fencing with the original two so this is going to be a challenge. I’ll be doing a lot more googling on how to ease older girls into a flock that is already disgruntled.

My Cochin is a buff this time. And she is stunning. She is more stand off-ish and I couldn’t get a good picture and my video won’t upload. Can’t wait to have everyone in unison and get through this introduction phase.