A friend of mine is gifted in the canning department.

Me. Not so much.

I never learned and have regretted not learning from my grandmothers before they passed away.  I learn much better with the visual aids of one on one versus reading through a post but after sampling my friend’s Cranberry Apple Jam she had made using this Cranberry Apple Jam Recipe I just had to try.

My husband is such a big supporter and helper and he is very book smart so he was able to help me walk through this process of canning. We adjusted the serving containers with more four ounce jars than half pints and we reduced the sugar by half. It’s a little more tart than sweet because we reduced the sugar (he is a diabetic and I am working hard at reducing my weight), but it has a good combination of sweet and tart and a touch of cinnamon. It will be perfect spread over a bagel and cream cheese topped with the jam or even as a substitute for cranberry sauce with your turkey dinner.


As I was filling each jar of Cranberry Apple Jam this morning I couldn’t help but think of my grandmothers. They both made such an impact on my life in the kitchen. It’s their love of cooking and my Granny’s love to fill everyone’s bellies that always gives me comfort in feeding others. I learned once that if a person is sitting in front of you and they are hungry, they will never be able to focus on what you are truly saying if their stomach is growling. By feeding the hungry first it allows them to be satisfied physically . . . then you can move on to more pressing issues. Several years ago when I was focusing on feeding the poor, the Lord moved in my heart showing me that not only the poor are hungry.

Everyone gets hungry.

Feed the hungry . . . whether rich or poor . . . or somewhere in between.

And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’ Matthew 25:40