Several months ago I started a blog post and never shared it. I knew the Lord had given me a word . . . a brief word . . . which is a rarity in my long winded self (yes, I can admit that), but I was afraid to share it. His conviction has become so heavy though that I must send it out, if only for obedience sake so I can be free from that sin.

I was working through a Bible Study in the book of Ruth when the Lord gave me the “a-ha” moment. And I don’t know where this fits in with you, maybe it is just for me  . . . . but here goes . . .

Ruth 2:17, “Ruth Gleaned . . . .”

In order for Ruth, a poor woman to glean . . . meant the wealthy field owner had to leave a portion (a selfless act) for the poor to work.

I have used this standard in my own life since we had a drastic change in our income in 2010. I worked whether it was cleaning, gathering for the homeless, serving as volunteer with different agencies . . . I did whatever I had to do. I worked for those who could afford to need me . . . . And God provided.

The Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, if one does not work, he does not eat.

And in I Timothy 5:8 the Bible says if one does not provide for his own family, he is worse than an infidel.

Neither of those verses are referring to the poor. 

They are referring to the lazy. (A state our country has become accustomed to where people believe they are entitled to things that cost them nothing.)

During the years our household experienced extreme poverty with an annual income of $5,500, we never went without. God met every need through people who would leave groceries on our porch, or helped with Christmas, or a bill would miraculously get paid . . . it was incredible. We experienced love and kindness . . . . acts of selflessness . . . that to this day we still don’t know who or where groceries came or how certain bills were paid.

The next year the Lord doubled our income. It has been a slow road to trudge, but God has been faithful and He has continued to meet our every need and blessed us in ways that are not fathomable to those who do not know the power of God Almighty.

The wealthy left a harvest for the poor to work the field.

In today’s society so many never lack monetarily but are impoverished spiritually. And while I yearn for financial freedoms and less worries over finances, I would not change a thing from the path of poverty we have walked for without it, we would have missed the Lord filling oil jar after oil jar after oil jar . . .    where we have the wow of seeing God’s hand time and time again.

Ruth 2:17, “Ruth gleaned.”

Oh Lord, forgive us for our nation’s laziness. Forgive us for the attitude of entitlement. Forgive us for taking you out of the equation . . . . Change the thinking of the people in our nation whether it is of the rich or the poor. Draw us unto you. Thank you for providing all those years. Thank you growing my faith. Thank you for our home and for blessing us. Thank you for those who were so good to us and met the needs they will never even know they met. Bless them and provide for them abundantly. Allow them to experience the wow factor you have allowed me to experience. I love you, my King. My Jesus. My All. Amen.