Well it’s November. Any day now my fb feed will be full of ‘thankfuls’ counting down to Thanksgiving. And while that is fantastic, I’m not bashing it at all, I believe when we should show our thankfulness throughout the year, not just one time a year because it truly takes us to a new level of being content.

Again, I am not bashing those thankful posts! That’s what November is for!

But I want to challenge you to do more. 

For several months the Lord has been working through one level of disobedience after another with me. With each scale He removes, He seems to be replenishing that desire to blog. I like that because for several years I have I have wanted to write, but the valley was dry.

With that said, and since November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, I will begin posting on Thursday’s throughout the coming year, or as long as the Lord continues to prompt sharing thankfulness. The goal is to keep me focused with an attitude of gratitude and hopefully give others an insight that God is in the details of not only big things, but also those tiny things that often get overlooked.

So today . . . before I forget . . . . on this first Thankful Thursday . . . I am thankful He never let me go. I have walked in disobedience for six years in one particular area of my life . . . not wanting to surrender . . . but when I turned back to Him, sought forgiveness, and surrendered that specific area back to Him . . . again . . . He showed He had been waiting . . . patiently . . . . for my return.

Oh how thankful I am.


I Thessalonians 5:18, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”