For several weeks my youngest daughter has been begging me to make her a shirt with the name, “OopaNoopa,” and the number zero. I can still see her facial expression when she turned her head towards me after I asked her, “Why zero?” And while I know she is having a hard time adjusting in school this year, is not making friends, and many times eats lunch alone . . . I did not expect the answer she gave . . . “Because it’s the most overlooked number,” she said.

It took my breath away.

I have battled with making her a shirt that represented that pain, but then I thought maybe that is Kaitlyn’s way of being heard. So this morning, I made her the shirt she has been asking for. It is not perfect and she wanted it in pink glitter but I only had purple glitter so it doesn’t pop like she had hoped. I am; however, adding something to the front left corner of the shirt that she did not ask me to do . . . the scripture reference to Psalm 139:14.

While right now Kaitlyn feels the way she does, and while I know how bad it hurts, I also know that God has a plan for Kaitlyn’s life, just as He does yours. I know that God can use any and everything we walk through for His good. And I know she is fearfully and wonderfully made.