Oh my how the Lord blesses me through these craft parties! I had four ladies here today. I also tried something new for mounting/supporting my boards and LOVED the result and am excited to try it on some of my larger signs.

Today we made signs with our names on them. The boards measured 12 1/4″ x 22″. We used a country white in satin for the base of the boards. Each lady picked out their own colors for the letter and their last names. One lady chose to do their first names and I love how it turned out! Also, usually we use the pallet boards for the backing support to hold the signs together or a 1 x 2 board which is too bulky and both add a lot of weight to projects.unnamed-16 I saw on one of the pallet board facebook pages where a lady was using furring strips from Home Depot. I hate to spend money when I have so many boards but at a price of $17.57 for 50 – 1/3″ x 1 1/2″ x 4′ boards AND with the amazing results they gave us today, it’s worth it plus I could have them shipped to the store free! I only used two – 11″ strips on each sign today. The signs were light weight and look fantastic!


Here are a few pictures from today. We always run over but we have so much fun. We talk and laugh . . . paint and play. Sometimes we make mistakes . . . but we always . . . always enjoy our time together.


I am so thankful for craft days. You can click HERE to follow me on my Before & After fb page.