I started cleaning up and making some changes to my blog last week. I figured since it seems the Lord has released me to blog more that I need to like the view, but that’s not what this post is about. That’s just a side note.

Tonight I attended my first meeting for those with a mental health diagnosis. While I had flash backs of my first Most Excellent Way meeting, I am glad I attended. The name of the ministry is called Fresh Hope. I love the fact that the meetings are casual . . . a come as you are atmosphere. That I felt welcomed and included and I appreciated the structure and how sensitive the leader was to beginning and ending on time. But what I liked the most is that I saw that I was not alone. That we, those of us diagnosed with a mental illness, are not alone. It was also eye opening to see the strain that my depression has on my own family. That was a tough one.

If you  have been diagnosed with a mental illness . . . be it anxiety, depression, bipolar, multiple personalities . . . or any other mental health diagnosis, and if you are looking for a support group, Fresh Hope is a faith based program where you will be welcomed.

We read from Psalm 13 tonight. And while the scriptures tell of a phase from one transition to another and to another in a few verses, we must remember we don’t know how long that transition actually took.

The hardest step is the first.