The scriptures tell us to testify of God’s faithfulness and I know people probably get sick of hearing it but I have to testify one more time how God has met another need in our life.
This morning I wrote in my prayer journal, asking the Lord to go before my call to the mechanics, asking him to restore order in my home, asking him to “strengthen me to be me . . . to be who He made me to be.”
I’d like to sit here and tell you I had a complete peace the entire time about the van, but that would be a load of bull . . . honestly I was in an “I don’t care state” because of dealing with other issues but nonetheless I had decided I would just deal with not having the van for a few months while we saved and made payments to get the van repaired. I was originally quoted $507 to get the power system pump replaced. By my calculations it would take us three paychecks to save that and then other areas were going to really suffer greatly, but that’s what I believed we could do and we would just trust the Lord to provide the difference through my crafts.
I called the mechanic just a few minutes ago and told them I would be in tomorrow to put $225 down towards the van repairs. (The van has been parked there in the garage for two weeks. Once I had dropped it off knowing something was wrong there was no reason to drive it back home to sit and leak all over my driveway so it was in a good safe place. They agreed to let me make payments towards the repair so all was well.)  While we were talking I could tell something was going on . . . he put me on hold and came back . . . the rest of the conversation went like this . . .
Mechanic guy, “Yeah, Mrs. Paden, we are actually already working on your van. It should be ready this afternoon.
Me, “Um, you said I could store it there and make payments before you started working on it (I’m in complete panic by now). I don’t have the money to get it out right now. I only have almost half. It’s going to be several more weeks before I can even get it out.”
Mechanic guy, “Uh, yeah Mrs. Paden someone came in and put down a payment towards your van repair. If you can pay the balance you can get it maybe this afternoon or definitely tomorrow. we’ll be through with it.”
Me, “Wait. What? Are you serious?
Mechanic, “yes ma’am.”
Me, “Wait. You are REALLY serious?”
Mechanic, “Yes ma’am I am. And quite frankly you’ve got quite a story going round here. I don’t think this has ever happened before.”
Me, “Well how much do I owe?”
Mechanic, “Well the total was going to be $547 and they put down $300.”
Me, “Wait, what? $300? Oh my gosh. Are you kidding me??? Well can you tell me who it was?”
Mechanic, “No ma’am, they paid cash but they made it clear it wasn’t supposed to be told either.”
Me, “Do you know that God is faithful?” Cause if you don’t, he is faithful. He has provided for us time and time and time again. Do you know he is faithful?”
Mechanic, . . . silence.
Me, “Well he is!”
Now if you will notice there is a difference in the in the original quote and the quote he gave me today of $40. I must have misunderstood him originally but I will owe a balance of $247 tomorrow when I go pick up the van. I started to fret (like an idiot . . . I mean come on, the Lord just met a huge need and I’m fretting over $40 . . . just write stupid across my forehead.) But then it dawns on me. I have had items on varagesale and craigslist for weeks and weeks from my booth and have had very little sales. Then out of the blue . . . LAST NIGHT I am messaged about several items . . . Friday I have a lady coming to pick up $6 worth of items. Another lady is coming to pick up $20 worth of items later in the day. . And then there are the items the lady will be picking up the 21st for the Lady’s Conference . . . The Lord met the difference before I even knew there was a difference. Plus I’m working on a pool sign for a friend, a gate for another friend, a sign for another . . .
“But God,” . . . . is all I can say about that.
I started digging in to the book “Fervent,” by Pricilla Shirer a few days ago. She spells out the disaster plan satan uses to keep us in bondange/fear . . . and it has been eye opening. In just a few days of reading the “ah-ha moments” have been wow and the scriptures are coming to life. Satan really does use our own fears against us. I’ve always wondered why he always attacks us financially, and while he is good at attacking those financial fears, I’ve recently realized my own part in adding to the financial woes and chaos . . .the scales were removed from my eyes yesterday and I believe  He is using this book  along with the removal of scales to take me deeper in my walk with Him. I ended my prayer this morning with this, “Lord, help me to break the cycle of chaos, bring my home to order, Amen.”
As God moves, as He shows grace, as He provides, He also guides, and uses people who love me enough to guide me and teach me. I am so thankful.
Whoever it was that the Lord used to meet the needs for our van repair, I thank you. You obviously know the need was great for our family, I thank you for your obedience, for your generosity, for your love. My prayer is that God will bless you and wow you in amazing ways. Thank you. I also want to point out that the mechanic heard of God’s faithfulness this morning . . . because of you. He heard of God’s faithfulness and how He provides.  He might know the Lord, he might not . . . he might be battling a battle that is beyond his ability to understand . . . but today He heard of God’s faithfulness. Thank you. You touched a life for Jesus today.
Update: So the mechanic called a bit ago. The van is ready, but it seems they didn’t need to do as much work as they first thought. Yes, they had to replace the pump but then he started mentioning a bunch of things they didn’t have to do so instead of the balance being $247 it is actually going to be around $111!  How crazy is that!?! Thankful. Thankful. Thankful.