Spring has sprung at the Paden’s. We are in our home for our first spring. The now flower garden that once housed huge azaleas has begun to take shape. More flowers will fill the space and more mulch will be added over the coming weeks. The green beans, zipper peas, lima beans, okra, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, grapes, gourdes, blueberry bushes, apple trees, and peach tree are growing beautifully. My eucalyptus tree surprisingly did not survive the mild winter we had in the panhandle of Florida so we’ve decided to add a weeping willow and under the weeping willow will house dozens upon dozens of bulbs that will hopefully make their debut next year.

I am learning that everything needs to happen in moderation and slowly to really enjoy things to its fullest.

I am learning that I do not have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I am learning that just because God created me to love abundantly and gave me a heart of service it doesn’t mean I have to do all things for all people at one time and exhaust myself leaving me empty to serve my own family.

My husband has worked very hard to help me in the yard. He replaced the rotten fence that once identified our property line with a beautiful new fence. He replaced the pump to the pond that we love to hear trickling. The flowers are already attracting dragon flies, butterflies, and birds. The cats are enjoying the catio my husband built from all granite crates and pallets. The dogs are mad they can no longer access the garden dirt because the fabulous pallet fence my husband built. He has reinforced the chicken coop and put up a fence for extra security from stray dogs. The baby chicks will remain in the incubator for a few more weeks before they have the joy of continuous fresh air and all the dirt their little hearts desire. We have applied weed killer and fertilizer to the yard in hopes of gaining it beauty back. The pecan tree has been fertilized in hopes of fighting a fungus that appears to be attacking it and to encourage a plethora of pecans so I can make Mammow’s Lemon Pecan Cake.

God has blessed us and provided in astounding ways.

I am so thankful.