There have been many times and instances I have shared what God has orchestrated in our (my) life that I have shared. There are times when God has used a situation He brought us through or provided for us that allowed me to share of how God orchestrates and would give the visual of the “ripple effect,” in hopes of testifying to His power and offering hope to another. Each time those instances are shared, my prayer is that it would not be seen as boasting or bragging, but that the ones I share these experiences with see it as the miraculous work of God. And then there are the times when the Lord makes it clear what He did was just meant only for me and Him. Selfishly, those are my favorites because they were meant for just “me and Him.” You know, like when your mom or dad do something special . . .  just for you. To bless you. To encourage you. To say, “I love you.”

Today God gave me such an overwhelming experience I sobbed. It became overwhelming because the idea I had, or maybe God put on my heart, seemed so outlandish and impossible yet so unimportant I actually said, “Oh please. That’s a great idea but like that is going to happen.”

And then in a blink of an eye . . . . it happened.

Through excruciating pain this morning I made a trip to Winn Dixie. I put it off yesterday because of the pain and this morning I knew I could not climb the two flights of stairs to my Sunday School class and I knew there was no way I could sit through a church service. With the help of a wonderful Winn Dixie worker I got checked out, relished the fact that I saved $75 in bogo’s and coupons, AND received 55 cents off a gallon in gas perks. I headed to the closest Shell Station and as I was filling up my tank of gas at $1.30 a gallon (I know, right?!) when the thought crosses my mind, “Wow, I sure wish I could bless someone with what is left out of the 20 gallons.” (Fuel Perks allows one to pump 20 gallons at that price and I knew I would only use 15 to 16 gallons.) I then thought, “Please. There is no way anyone will accept a measly four or five gallons of gas. If only someone was filling up a gas can.” I continued filling up and the pump clicks that I have reached my cap. I turn around to see an older gentleman one pump over get out of his expensive car, open the hatch back and pull out his gas can. In complete disbelief I said, “Sir, sir! Wait! Let me fill your can up for you. I got gas at $1.30 a gallon and I was just praying the Lord would let me bless someone and then you pull out your tank!” When I mentioned that it didn’t fill up his canister, he said, “Oh that’s okay. I never fill it up more than halfway because I can’t carry it any heavier.” The older gentleman could not believe it. While I pleaded with him to let me bless him, he still insisted on giving me a few dollars. He was in shock that someone actually was doing something nice to someone else, and I was in utter amazement that out of nowhere God gave me an idea, and even through my doubt, He showed just how “God” He truly is by bringing me someone to bless, not only because of the reduced amount of gas, but out of nowhere AND because God gave him the exact amount of gas the man needed.

The emotion began to well up before I even got in the van, but once I got in the van, I lost control of the emotion.

I doubted God.

I told Him, “there is no way this would happen.”

I do not believe in coincidences.

But I do believe in God.

And God made a way.

He took my disbelief and showed me, once again, it doesn’t matter how big or how small or how outlandish something is. All God needs is you  . . . an empty vessel . . . a cracked pot . . . your willingness to obey. The cool thing is, the man clearly could have paid for his own gas and yet God chose me. A woman of poverty by the world’s view, but a woman of great wealth in my Father’s view.

If you are struggling with something today, maybe this story is for you.

God knows.

He has a plan.

He will send you a gas can to fill up, even if you doubt it possible. Maybe you are the one who needs the gas can filled up. He knows. He will give you exactly what you need, when you need it most. I promise.

I Stand in Awe of You

red gas can