She sat in the driveway and with tears running down her face she asked, “How does your precious little baby go from this  . . . . . to this? Tell me, how?”

She then showed me this picture that is haunting.


There are no words in moments like these. At least none that will help.

We often hear from the arrogant, “oh if you just raise them right they will never depart . . . ” or “if you just have faith . . . ”

Well that is the biggest line of bull I have ever heard. Whoever has said that has obviously never walked the path of a parent of an addict.

We seem to forget our children have a mind of their own and that they must walk their own walk and find their own way. We can’t, even as much as we might want to . . . live their life for them.

We also seem to forget God also gives us free will to make our own choices that can lead us down various paths called life.

Today, my heart breaks for my friend. A friend who is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Her son is an addict.

Would you pray for her today? Would you pray for him too, as well as the other immediate family members this is having an impact on.

Father, forgive us for our arrogance and lack of understanding. Forgive us when we use our “faith” or our excuse to pray to not be personal and active in others lives.  Father, use us me to make a difference in the life of someone who is hurting. Father God I pray you break the chains of addiction in this young man’s heart. Bring healing. Bring eternal security. Bring comfort. Bring strength. Bring peace. I pray for his momma. Embrace her. Be her breath when it hurts for her to breathe. Be glorified Lord Jesus. We love you Jesus and believe this to be so in the powerful name of Jesus. So be it.