I spent my morning living in fear. Anxiety so high tears filled my eyes from panic. How, Lord? When, Lord? Why, Lord? What, Lord? As I try to make sense of some of life’s issues and tour my way through the “solving” process, you know, “the trying to figure it out one,” I reach for my Bible and devotionals as the kids play, seeking direction and comfort. image In the absence of my faith and the presence of fear, God still chose to speak. He knows my thoughts, whether in Him or in the flesh. My thoughts and ways are important to Him, even when I mess up. My burdens are real to Him. My passions are real to Him. And then . . . An “A-ha” moment in Luke 1:80. image

The child grew in the wilderness.

I have seen God’s hand time and time again in my life, but I remember the ones in the wilderness the most. The time we awoke with bags of groceries on our porch. We were out of money and the pantry empty (only God knew that). Or the time someone put a $20 bill in my gas tank. Whaaat!?!  Who does that? Or the time someone offered to fill our propane tanks for heating and cooking purposes. Or the time the phone rang, “Stacey, are you okay? You have been heavy on my heart.”  I could go on and on with examples of how God has grown my faith through tough times. Anyone who has walked through the wilderness comes out with more awe, more love, more gratitude, more faith . . . In order to testify of His goodness. His provisions. His grace. So while my answers are still unclear, one thing I do know is WHO holds those answers, and that’s good enough for me. He Knows