For weeks I’ve been doing it (okay months). I thought I could get along with no problems. BUT, I had no idea how hard it would be to have only two pair of pants with no washer machine on premises! As I type those words I find myself feeling shameful, knowing there are countless others who wish they could say they had two pair of pants and not just merely one, but then I also find myself laughing that I am even writing about . . . pants!

I have been blessed to have access to a washing machine every Tuesday and even on days in-between when my schedule allows me to get there, but the need for one additional pair so WHEN I do get to wash and have both my work jeans and nice pants cleaned at the same time was becoming more evident. Especially when the work jeans were so dirty I was forced to wear my only nice pants for cleaning.

Because of my full figured physique (hehehe) I buy pants from Catherine’s. Their clothing is pricey but they are made of excellent quality so the clothes last. I had one pair of pants I wore for two years. I kid you not! But, I only shop there when they are have mega sales or a coupon is half off.

For three weeks I have been saying, “I have GOT to get me a pair of pants.”

For three weeks, I ignored my needs, putting my children’s appointments and all the to-do’s with finishing up the move prior to my needs (remember that post from last week . . . Intentional Investments? Yeah, I need to re-read it.) The post goes beyond me ignoring the time I desperately need to survive with my Father in Heaven . . . I am still ignoring me.

But God (and those are two of the best words found in Scriptures by the way) . . . .

He decided that since I was not going to take care of me, that He would.

I received a message from a friend stating she was cleaning out her closet, she didn’t want me to be offended, but wanted to know if I needed any clothes. She even had some pants, she said. I brushed the pants off because I know my full figured self and know there is only one style of pants that fit me properly (at least that I’ve been able to find) . . . you know, the kind that won’t bunch in the front while sagging low revealing the good from behind?! Yeah. That kind.

As I went through TWO BOXES of clothing, separating what fit and didn’t fit, I came across several pair of pants, only noting the size and tossing them to the “do not fit” category, when my eye caught the tag.

Does anyone want to guess what the tag said?

You guessed it!


Pants in immaculate condition. Pants that fit (Catherine’s sizes their clothing differently so what says one size in Catherine’s is different than the fit in other stores for the same size, which is why I simply tossed them). Pants that were from . .  . Catherine’s. Pants just for me. But this time it was more.

This time . . .  I had money set aside for them.

This time . . .  it wasn’t a need I couldn’t meet.

This time . . .  It was simply . . . because. 

As I thanked God for the pants, I found myself thinking on how little I REALLY praise Him.  Sure I praise Him and thank Him often for taking care of us, meeting our needs, showing Himself in various places, His hand of protection . . . but why do I wait until I “SEE” His hand?

In the Scriptures we learn of God’s care for us, His protections, His help, his power, His infiniteness (is that even a word?), His strength . . .  just to name a few. But shouldn’t the praise from my heart be more than merely meeting the needs of my life and family, but shouldn’t the praise from my lips be simply because of His deity? Oh what a painful lesson to have learned.

I remember something an old friend taught me many, many years ago.

“Our Father, which art in heaven . . . ”

Notice the first word of the Lord’s prayer.





Father . . . .

Do you see that?

Oh yoU aRe Father . . . .

Today, I want to praise you more. Not because of what you have done for me (but please don’t think I’m not thankful) but because of who you are. Thank you for my pants. Thank you for taking care of me when I don’t. Thank you for loving me when I stink. Thank you for loving me through the shadows of doubt. I praise you because of who you are. I love you, Jesus. Amen.

I John 3:1a, “See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God;  . . . . “