For several months I have been praying for two special people. The details aren’t important but I knew even though it would be so easy for me to be one-sided, that God was telling me to remain neutral. To pray. To encourage. To be available. To hold my tongue.

This has been very hard.

During my prayers, I sensed the Lord telling me purchase each of these two special people a Bible so I began praying the Lord would meet that need and specifically which type Bible to purchase. There are so many to choose from so it had to be the right ones.

Last week I sensed the exact ones to purchase.

So I continued to pray . . . . . .

Today I was given a “bonus” from cooking.

“It’s a gift,” she said.

“Oh this is great because I need to purchase a Bible for “Joseph” and have been praying the Lord would meet that need! Thank you!!”

With that, she said, “I have a Bible! And it’s brand new! Never been used!”

I follow her explaining that I had to have a specific Bible. You can imagine my surprise when she walks out holding the exact Bible I had intended to purchase! 



It doesn’t stop there.

“Now I have enough to buy another one for “Josephine,” I said.

She says, (paraphrased) “I have another one! I knew the Lord was telling me to buy two Bibles! I didn’t know why but I did it anyway! I bought them BEFORE Christmas!”

She handed me the second Bible I needed.

The EXACT type of Bible I knew the Lord was telling me to purchase!

I have goosebumps! How crazy! It was one of those moments where you KNOW God can do anything but when you put it out there . . . it’s crazy!

The Bibles were purchased on November 10th, many weeks before the Lord even put it on my heart to purchase the Bibles. AND then for them to be the EXACT ones He was putting on my heart for me to get . . . . CRAZY! 

I still have goosebumps..

Oh, and the “bonus” monies . . .  it pays for shipping to mail the Bibles out.

Tonight I am thankful for the friend who was obedient. Who heard from the Lord, who obeyed not knowing why or for who the Bibles were even for and did what she knew she was supposed to do . . . .  and if I can be so real . . . I am so thankful for a God, who even in my stubbornness . . . .  still speaks to me too.

James 1:25, “But the man who looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it –he will be blessed in what he does.