The following is a letter I have written to our President. I believe every person can make a difference. I pray God will use me to make it so.

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing to you out of absolute disbelief and heartache, but also with the realization that you will never see this, nor will the other representatives, senators, or even my Governor because they will pass this along for someone else to deal with because I am a no body. Well, this “no body” is not going down without an attempt to make a difference. I believe one person can make a change and my prayer is God will use me to make it so.

I am the wife of a hard working man, working two jobs just to make ends meet. I am also the mother of two special needs children, one of whom I am his full time care giver. I received notification on Monday, May 19, 2014 that my children will remain covered with Medicaid; however, my husband and I now have a cost share of $914 a month, which means unless we spend $914 a month in medical expenses, we must pay out of pocket. It also means we must meet this financial obligation every month, not just once a year as most insurance premiums require for their deductibles.

Sir, our monthly income is $1,500 a month.

I am sure it is not necessary for me to do the math for you, but let me put it in perspective. That leaves a balance of $586 to live on, a month.

Would you please explain to me how this is affordable?

Because I believed this HAD to be a mistake, I contacted Department of Children & Families today. Unfortunately, as the call center clerk advised me, it is correct. She said I could TRY scheduling ALL doctor appointments, ALL prescription refills, as well as any other medical needs on the same day of every month so ALL the amounts go in on the same day. Only then would I not have to pay for medical expenses incurred, unless it didn’t exceed the $914. 

The question I imposed was, “So I have to manipulate the government?”

I just want to thank you, Mr. President for this amazing healthcare plan. America already has a homeless problem. You have just added one more family to the statistics. I guess now you will want my children since I won’t be able to provide for them in a homestead environment.

Sincerely concerned,


Stacey Paden