As I turn in, my mind has continuously been on my son tonight. He has been completely off Resperdal, a mood stabilizer, for a little over a week now. He has been on a mood stabilizer since he was 3 or 4 because of the severity of his melt downs.

Taking him off Resperdal was a decision that I was nervous about making because the Christopher that we had to start on it would go from one extreme to the next in the blink of an eye; however, over the last few months the medication seemed to not be having the full affects (and he was already on the maximum dosage for his age/weight), and then followed by the commercials of the side effects Christopher was seeing on television brought on an entire new battle.We have had some challenges, but God has graced us with coping skills, boundaries, and the use of essential oils that will continue to get us through . . . . and while that is huge, that’s not really why my heart is thankful tonight. Over the last two days, my husband and I have both noticed that my, OK-OK, he’s OUR son, (hehehe) is smiling more.

He. Is. Smiling. More!

He always has had an adorable smile with the cutest little dimples, but now, there seems to be a difference in his countenance . . . a freedom I’ve not seen from him before . . .  like singing louder than the radio in the car to praise and worship songs . . . oh how that blesses and encourages this momma’s heart!

This week has had some challenging transitions, but there have been some glorious ones as well!

Thankful for these nuggets that carry us through the not so glorious days! Amen! Amen!