I sensed I was to share this great word on resting that a friend shared on fb this morning.  I have heard a friend say many times, “Rest is an action verb!” I Love it!  I takes so much more work to rest than it does to work!While this is a timely word for me, there are five words that stood out in this devotional the most, “He started late in life . . . “I started late in life.  Because I chose to be irresponsible and selfish and outright stupid by choosing alcohol as my escape, and honestly . . . . not taking life seriously until the last few years, I am behind in planning for my future.The future that is already here.

And that scares the begeezies out of me.

By today’s standards I should have ample savings to live on and know what I am going to “be when I grow up.” Hundreds of times a day (and that is no exaggeration) I continue over and over to give my fear of the future to the Lord. I am often comparing myself to others with what they have acquired and their financial stability, which only brings me to a deeper discouragement.  Oh it’s easy to compare apples to apples, but my story isn’t like your story, nor is your story like my story . . . . so why even compare?

My fear became so overwhelming I began searching out scripture for financial peace and how to prepare for the future financially.  My favorite example of preparing for our future monetarily is Joseph’s.  (Genesis 41:1-32) He gathered the people and they all worked together to prepare for seven years of famine.  What an amazing story of triumph and discipline!

But that’s not where this is going this morning.

While there are several scriptures that teach us the benefits of preparing financially for our future, it is obvious that the Lord’s concern is more for our hearts future versus our pockets future.

In my quest for preparing for the future, over and over scriptures appeared with one goal in mind.  Being ready.  Be watchful.  Anticipate it.  Having a ready heart.  A heart of love.  A heart of peace.

While in the quietness of the morning He has given me a financial plan that brings me comfort, and one that is attainable for our lives, I have learned it is not the monies in the bank that brings peace, nor prosperity, but having a heart ready for Christ and helping others prepare for their future in the same manner along life’s way.

James 5:8 states, “You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord’s coming is near.”

“Oh Father, teach me how to prepare, guide my steps to savings, but more importantly, guide my heart. Amen.”