On March 8, 2009, I wrote this post about the “busy woman purse planner” that I had purchased.  I do not know why many of my pictures are no longer visible on my blog, but that’s not the point here.

The one item that has been searched the most and brought more viewers to my blog is this:  “busy woman purse planner.”

I used my bag until it fell apart.

While they are no longer available, I was recently contacted by “The Busy Woman” and was sent an enormous file of forms to try out.

Can I tell you, I love them!

I had a little bit of difficulty getting them to view on my ancient computer, so my husband downloaded them on a jump drive and I took my handy dandy coupon for 25% off printing to Office Depot and got the job done!

I did not print everything, but picked and chose what I liked, according to my lifestyle and schedules.

For less than $6 I printed 90 days of daily calendar pages (I will print more, but was watching my expenses to see what I needed), the address & phone number pages, important dates pages (2), devotional pages, budget pages,  medical pages (for each of us), and menu pages (which I forgot to take pictures of, but I have a menu page that I now carry with me in my coupon book.  That helps me to glance through my menus, double check weekly adds and have my coupons . . . . all in one binder, which I got on clearance for .88 at Walmart).

There were other different forms with different layouts, but again, I chose what worked for me.

I have enjoyed having everything in one place and in order (at least in that area of my life! lol)

Here are a few pics.  Please understand, I put very little in this.  I had colored tabbed dividers already, so did not have to purchase that.  I did purchase and additional 4 packets of  white dividers for .89 (each packet) to divide the months. The soft binder was on clearance for .88.  I did purchase a 5 pack of pocket binders so I would have pockets to put lose pieces of paper in.  It was $2.47, and that is it.  I like that all the variety of forms to choose from.  I like that I have a personalized planner that cost less than $10 (for what I chose to use) but I still need to add the remainder of the 2014 year . . . . I like that if I had chosen, I could have filled all the information in on my computer and then printed it, and of course, the cost . . . . to get what I have would have cost much more in the stores.

I hope you will check out her facebook page and her web site.  On her web site you will see the many, many forms available.  You can also choose the size pages to have printed.  I chose the standard notebook size.

I did have all these in the upright position, but for some reason, they are now sideways and probably upside down.  I’ve tried correcting it and it just isn’t working, but you get the point 🙂

My hot pink binder
Opening page
Important Numbers Page
 Special Occassions (which I’m not sure I will keep as on the Important Numbers page is a place to put special dates, etc.)

 On this daily planner page is a place for appointments, phone calls, menus, priority sections and notes.  I have filled in my  menu pages that is in with my coupons, I just haven’t transferred the information over yet.

 Budgeting.  There are three pages that go with this page.

 Address and Numbers

 Spiritual Journey Pages

Devotional pages

I’ve had the worse time correcting these pages, but they are now all upright!  I had to go into the documents and rotate every page incorrectly for it to appear correctly on this post.  Who knows.  But I think I got it now!
Can’t wait to finish getting all my pages set up.  Very thankful to have them!