For two years, Kaitlyn has asked me to let her join the running club at her school.

I ignored her request for those two years until it was too late for her to join. I had no desire to run and sure didn’t want her doing it because it would make ME have to be accountable. . . . . . . UGH.

Well. this year . . . . . yesterday in fact, she brought home a piece of paper and said, “I’m doing this. PLEEEAAASSSEEE!”

The requirements are simple. Practice every Thursday. But they must enter a be able to run 3.1 miles before the end of the year. A real race. Oh. My. Word.

I have pinched nerves, shinsplints, degenerative discs, and ow I have to help my daughter train to run. She demanded I wake her at 5 a.m. TODAY to start training.

As a high schooler I was very active in sports, loved them. As a young adult, enjoyed my early morning runs daily. I loved running. Took little or no effort, but obesity and car accidents have taken its toll on this body of mine.

Nonetheless, my husband set the alarm for 5 a.m. today. I vividly remember only one thing.  

Rolling over. 

BUT very soon . . . . and way to soon, that pesky alarm went back off. Failing myself is one thing, but failing my daughter in something that is obviously important to her is not an option so I did what I said I would do.

Kaitlyn was slow to wake as well; until I told her she had to start running today or I was going back to bed. She immediately jumped up and said, “OH Yeah! I forgot!” (She wanted to sleep in her running clothes so she wouldn’t have to get dressed that early.)

We took a friends guidance. Stretched, walked and trotted in 30 second increments this morning. Can I just say my fat jello legs are KILLING ME! Do I have to walk around today? Can I just sit and take a nap? Oh my word!

Kaitlyn asked me if we could get up that early tomorrow (Saturday). I told her absolutely not, but that we would continue our “training” tomorrow, just at a better hour šŸ™‚ 5 a.m. definitely came too early for this momma!