I am ashamed to admit that today was the first time in five months that I went to Sunday School.
I know.
I would attend service, but quickly get back home.  I don’t know if I was trying to avoid the personal one on one of Sunday School, or if I was just tired from the chaos of the previous week and getting there at 9:00 was just too much for me.  Maybe it was because I had become lazy in my Bible reading and when I did, journaling was out the window.
I don’t know the answer, but I imagine it was probably a combination of all the above.  After all, if a person’s time with the Lord isn’t right, there is no way they can go sit in a room of people in a one on one atmosphere and not have conviction.
Or maybe I am the only one that has ever experienced that?
Somehow, however; I find that hard to believe.
BUT, What I do know is that the Lord spoke to my heart on December 28th and told me to look for Him more throughout the year in 2013.  I can’t do that if my soul isn’t being fed and I am not where I can be held accountable.
2013 began a new change at our church.  Our service time is now 9:00 and our Sunday School time to 10:30.
Honestly.  The thought of it made my skin crawl.  I was ready to look for a new church; after all, I couldn’t get to Sunday School on time and when I was going to worship only at 10:30, I couldn’t even get THERE on time.  How in the WORLD was I going to get to worship at 9?! 
I was dreading it.
Today was my family’s first experience with the change as we missed last Sunday.
I was not sure if we would stay for Sunday School or not.  I just didn’t want to go.
But we did.
Can I tell you something? 
I loved it!
I didn’t realize how much I had missed being in my place until I went back!
Not only was I so at peace to be “back in the saddle again,” but the Lord has been speaking to my heart about an accountability partner for my quiet time/prayer life/journaling.  
How else can he confirm and work in that area of my life if I am not where I need to be?
I am so thankful for grace.  I am so thankful that when the Lord prods, and I do, that He confirms with amazing peace.
He will do the same for you my friend.
Find where the Lord wants you.  
Have the courage to walk through the door.  
He will bless you with abundant peace.