Why do we say, “Come Lord Jesus, come quickly?”

Is it because of the pain and heartbreak here on earth?  The very pain we are told we will endure because of sin?  (John 16:33) Is it too  much for us and we just want an easy way out?

Is it because we don’t understand and can’t comprehend the evils in the world?

Dare I say, “Oh Lord, come quickly.” and He actually came?!

Now follow me here.

I know the Lord is not going to return because I asked Him to.  Don’t leave me a comment telling me that.  I am trying to prove a point.

Christ and Christ alone knows the appointed time of His return (I Thessalonians 5:2, “For you yourselves know very well that the day of the Lord will come just like a thief in the night.” HCSB)   . . . . but follow me here.

Just for a moment.

What if God listened?

“What if,” because of our greed and selfishness of NOT wanting to be in pain; to be uncomfortable, that God actually listened and came, “too soon?”

Hmmmm, where does that leave the ones that won’t come to know Him, say, tomorrow, or even the next hour?

Oh the souls that would be on my hands!  My heart breaks just posing that very question to  myself!

May I be so bold to say, in pain, in suffering, in heartache, in disappointment, in death, in disaster . . . . that we not say, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.” but “Thy will be done.  Strengthen us.  Use us.  Be glorified Lord Jesus! Use this horrible situation to bring the lost to you!”

I personally have too many friends, family, and even enemies that don’t know Him.

So for me, “No, Lord Jesus.  Come in the appointed time.  Give me strength to get through the tough times.  Compassion when it hurts, and Father, I pray you will use every situation to bring glory to you.  Oh God, use us, as believers to bring the lost and hurting to you.  Give us a courage to speak the truth in love that will only come from you!  So be it.  Amen.”