Have you ever had a moment when you are listening to a song and the Lord speaks?  I love those moments as I love music.  Music releases a freedom in me that I can not explain.

Happened to me this morning.

Heard THIS SONG and God spoke.

“Stacey, you are critical of others.”


“But Lord, I said . . . . when?  And, and . . . . that’s not even what this song is about, Lord!”  I said.

“When you listen to others being critical and making judgement against others.  When you think ‘someone should know better than that’ or are quick to condemn without knowing the facts.” says the Lord.

“But Lord . . . “

“Stacey, you are a work in progress.  I choose to reveal myself and grow everyone in the time I see fit.  Not how you see fit.”  said the Lord.

“Oh Lord, forgive my critical spirit.  Thank you for loving me and growing me and revealing yourself to me.  Thank you for what you have taught me.  Remind me every time I begin to think critically or judge that you might not have chosen the time to reveal yourself to them yet.  To be reminded they might not be where I am and Lord, let those looking down on me in critical judgement and opinions be reminded that I might not have been shown the error of my ways by you, Lord, not them.  Thank you for speaking to my spirit this morning and showing me that my schedule is not your schedule and your ways are indeed the sweetest.  Thank you for disciplining your child with love and not hatred.  Thank you for redeeming me. Oh Jesus, thank you for redeeming me.  I love you Jesus, Amen.”

What a morning it has been and it is only 8:03 a.m!  Hallelujah!

(I’ve listened to the song twice already and am about to listen to it again.  Take a moment to praise God if you have been redeemed!)

Big Daddy Weave, “Redeemed”