For about ten years I have been asking God for something.

Not a need.

A want.

You know, those secret heart’s desires that are just between you and the Lord?


One of those.

I took a friend to Sam’s yesterday to do some grocery shopping; and there it was.

A Bible cover in the form of a purse.

I didn’t like the color, but for the first time, I spoke of my “secret” desire to have one to my friend.

In that instant, she said, “Well why did you wait for so long to say anything?!  I could have gotten you one for Christmas ten years ago!  AND for that matter, I have one you can HAVE!”

My heart smiled.

You should not be surprised to hear my Bible, the one I use most, not only fits perfectly, but is the same color.

I have many secret heart’s desire tucked away.  I found myself thankful that I didn’t go against the Lord and get one, “just because ‘I’ wanted one” those many years ago.  This blessing sure wouldn’t be as nearly significant or meaningful now, would it?

Psalm 37:4 is a very popular verse in the Bible.  It is often misquoted by saying, “The Lord gives you your hearts desire.” but that is not it.

The scripture reads, “TAKE DELIGHT in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

We must take delight in Him first.  When we do this, our desires and His desires will be one.

That makes me smile 🙂