I am the mother of two special needs children. 

One boy with Asperger’s, mild Tourettes, OCD, Anxiety, Sensory, and Insomnia that is 8 years old. My daughter is 7 and suffers with Sensory and a severe anxiety disorder. 

I praise God for good days, and I am learning to praise God for the oh so bad days. 

This past Saturday my son had a melt down at his cousin’s birthday party. His meds were wearing off (which is always an emotional time daily) and then his feelings were hurt that we had to leave the party early . . . . ended in him punching me over and over to get away and then running down the street. 

These sort of days don’t happen every day any more, but when they do, it is taxing. 

When Christopher was just days old, God gave us a pediatrician that is so much more than a pediatrician. 

She is a friend. 

An advocate. 

A shoulder to cry to.

She sent me this song song this morning when she should have been sleeping! I wanted to share it for any of you that are worn. Weary. Tired.

There is hope my friend.

His name is Jesus. When we are at our weakest, His strength then shines through. Why? Because we are out of the way! That’s why I think so much changes in the night time hours! When we are sleeping our “selves” are out of the way and He works miracles!

My daughter this morning asked me to take a battery out of the clock. I asked, “why?” She responded, “Because I want to control it.”

Oi. What a teachable moment God gave me.

“Kaitlyn, you know there are going to be many times in life that we can not control what is happening.” I said.

The conversation continued and while it was more than she could comprehend, it was a start.

I pray you are strengthened this day and that you take the time to seek His face.