There are many times that He makes me smile, but today, He blessed in such a way that my face and heart were beaming.

Our church, Pine Summit Baptist has been planning a food distribution for the 32526 area for today, Saturday the 29th.

I never thought anything about it because we don’t live in the 32526 zip code area.

Until Thursday, when I received a call from one of the ladies that works in the church office.  She wanted to make sure I knew even though we don’t live in the 26 zip code, since we are church members, we are more than welcome to come.

At first I was thrilled!

Then it sank in.


I know, I know!  You’d think I wouldn’t have any pride left!  But somehow, it reared its UGLY head.

These are MY people.

MY friends.

MY acquaintances . . . . and they are going to SEE ME in the LINE for FOOD distribution!

What are THEY going to think!?

My pride took my thoughts to, “That’s all I need is for someone to feel sorry or show pity.  I just won’t go.  The Lord will meet the need another way.”  (Yes, that is what I was REALLY thinkin’ y’all!)

Well, can I tell ya, that was just plane ole stinkin’ thinkin!

With a knot in my stomach I drove to Pine Summit Baptist this morning.

I stood in line.

I got hugs from people that I know love me and my family and have missed us (we have missed about 6 weeks in a row . . . . I know, I know!)

I swallowed my pride and in my heart, thanked God for meeting our needs.

And then it happened.

The juice section.


Eight left.

Strawberry Kiwi.

Now while that means absolutely nothing to you, to me, a momma of a child with sensory issues that is VERY picky about what is eaten or drank, it was the touch of the Master saying, “I’m here, Stacey.  I know what you need, even the things you haven’t asked for.”

You see, Thursday, Kaitlyn took the last Strawberry Kiwi Caprisun to school in her lunch.

Kaitlyn only drinks one kind of juice.

Strawberry Kiwi Caprisun.

(And before you criticize and say, “let her go thirsty and she will drink what you have.”  She does go without.  She will drink water or thirst because her sensory issues are pretty severe.)

We were out.

But today.

God gave us enough to get through next week for Kaitlyn’s lunch.

Wanna know why?

Cause He loves me.

He loves my children, EVEN more than I do!

He loves you too.

He knows your needs.

He knows your wants.

He know your dreams/hearts desires.

He know the number of hairs on your head.

He knows your heart.

He made you.

When He died on the cross, YOU were on His mind!

Oh How HE Loves YOU and ME!

NOW!  If that doesn’t make you smile . . . .