A friend called today; she had a friend . . . . .  who had a friend . . . . . that found a week old kitten under her car.


The one week old kitten is now at my house.

I am indeed . . . . .  crazy.

But what can I say?

My daughter walked in tonight and said, “Mom!  We have EIGHT dogs, FOUR cats and now a BABY KITTEN!  That’s THIRTEEN ANIMALS in our house!”

I said, “Oh my gosh!  What is WRONG with me?”  (Not ever taking the time to add them up, I was seriously shocked and then realized why it is I am actually picking up soooo much poop every day!)

She then looks at me with the most beautiful hazel eyes that God gave her and smiled her beautiful smile, and said, “I. LOVE. IT!”


I wish I could have taken a picture of the look on her face.


Valentine heard the kitten crying and instantly took to him/her.  She has made my heart smile time and time again today by cleaning the baby and stimulating him/her so it will go potty.

I just love my “V-V!”

Below are some pics of the two together.  I have tried all night to upload a video of her cleaning the kitten; but blogger keeps freezing.   Will reattempt at a later time.

The kitten went about 24 hours without any real food.  She seems weaker than when she first arrived earlier in the day.  Please pray for the baby kitty that she makes it the night.

 I love this picture because of Valentine’s ears 🙂  

 This picture isn’t about the kitten.  
Or the dog.
But look at the face of the precious baby in the background.

 Cleaning the baby.
 And more cleaning.

 Nose to nose 🙂  
(Jenny, do you notice the container next to the basket.  Dog food bowl!  You should be proud 🙂

 More cleaning (Is this normal for a non pregnant and never has been PUPPY of 8 months old to do this?)  She has been AMAZING!)

Now I laughed out loud on this one.  After all the sweet loving ones of V-V cleaning the kitten, 
it looks like she is licking her chops and ready to chow down!  
On a serious note, several of the animals here this week will be leaving soon for Maine.  
What a joy it has been to have them.  
Each has their own personality and each shows love differently . . . . sorta like people.  
The honorable trait about dogs/puppies, they seem to have this thing called unconditional love down.