We started out with six precious babies, and ended up with two.  
Nurturing and caring for newborns is so hard, but so rewarding.  From their first scoots across the floors on their bellies, to their whimpering whining for food or to be cuddled, to trying to walk with their little booties in the air rocking back and forth to their first steps . . . . . and watching their little ears unfold and ear canals develop, and their eyes . . . . oh I can’t forget their precious eyes.  Each day a little more, and a little more and a little more, till finally; there they are.  Beautiful eyeballs! 
Then when you realize the recognize you by your smell and kiss you all over, then your voice, and then the sound of your walk and they come running out of a sleep just because they know it is you . . . . . the only mommy (or daddy) they have ever known. 
Anyway, our precious babies have been picked by a Lab Puppy Rescue in Maine!
They are six weeks this Wednesday the 5th of September.  When they turn eight weeks old, they will begin their journey to Maine.
These are just a handful of pictures.  I have jumped from 3/4 days to 4 weeks to 6 weeks, mainly because each one is so similar.
 The puppy on the right is Chewie.  She was 3 days old.
Chewie after eating πŸ™‚ 
 This is Kitty.  We got the babies at 10:00 on a Friday night, so Kaitlyn had no idea we had them until she woke up Saturday morning.  This was her first time seeing them and loving on them.  Precious.  She has a gift with animals and says she wants to be a vet when she grows up!  We will see what God has in store for her!
 Kitty, nursing on her bottle!

 This is a friend of mine that came over to help.  She is feeding Chewie πŸ™‚
I have several pictures in between 3 days old and this picture of 4 weeks, but they all look the same!  This is a picture of Kitty (black front) and Chewie (brown back) eating “mush” for the first time. 
 Chewie at 5 weeks old!
 Kitty at 5 weeks old chewing on my arm!  Maybe we named the wrong one the wrong name!  lol!  For the record, we started calling her Kitty because when she was tiny, she would cry like a baby kitten!  When we call her, “Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!”  all the cats come running as well as her!  Very funny!
 As Kitty has grown, she has developed a little white streak under her chin, very tiny!  Also, just above her paw, you will see a little discoloration, that is a TINY patch, OK, more like STRANDS of white hair that has grown in the last week!
 And this is an awful picture of me, but it is of my precious Kitty chewing on my finger and I just love it!  So, ignore the no make up, just woke up look and ooooh and aaaaaaw over that precious puppy!  lol
 Chewie at 5 weeks old.  Not sure if her eyes will stay blue or not.  Her sisters are a dark bluish black color.  I have no clue at what age puppies eye color become their permanent eyes color.
 Kitty, chewing and tugging on the camera!  
She is DEFINITELY much more active than Chewie!

 Chewie and Kitty pulled out the leashes from the “dog basket.”  When Chewie got board with them, she started on my socks and toes.
 Kitty @ 5 weeks

 This is my husband with the two babies!  He has stayed up and gotten up countless nights to let me sleep and has tended to these angels!  You will notice that Kitty is chewing his finger and Chewie, is behaving like she does . . . and yes, we named her after Chewbacca!  She she shakes all over and fluffs her hair on the top of her head she looks JUST.  LIKE.  HIM!
 The dogs on the left are FireTrain (our dog, well, puppy.  He is only 8 months old πŸ™‚ and the one next to him is his sister Valentine.  Valentine will also be leaving for a rescue in Maine this month, but that is for another blog post!  Our friend Leah came over for a visit.  Valentine has been around the baby’s lots, but this was FireTrain’s first time getting to smell them.  This is Kitty they are loving on πŸ™‚
 Precious Valentine (we sometimes call her V-V!) loving on Chewie!
 This is Nala.  Nala is one of ten that survived from a litter of babies.  We received nine of them when they were VERY sick with distemper.  Nala is the sole survivor and is a hoss of a puppy!  She is approximately 4 months old and already tips the scale at OVER 35lbs!  She is getting to meet Chewie for the fist time also.

 V-V giving kisses to Chewie!
 FireTrain and Valentine are the best two dogs I have ever been around in my life.  Breaks my heart to separate them.  Pray for them, as for us, as we have had them since they were 9 weeks old.
 More sniff sniff sniffin’!

 My baby girl gettin some lovin’ from Kitty!
6 weeks old 9.5.2012
 Poor Christopher is having a bad morning of tics and none of the pictures with him turned out; BUT, this is a good one showing both puppies with both my babies!

 Squirmin to get down!
And then they cuddle!  
We have had the best time with these babies and will take more in the days to come before they leave.  
Please check out the puppy rescue link above and pray about your part in helping with the transport of these miracle babies!