I have to confess.  I am a whimp.

Yeap.  I thought I could handle it.  Thought it wouldn’t be any big deal.  Man, was I stupid!

A friend sent me $100 to put towards a washing machine.  Had a couple lined up to go look at this week.

Then the car broke down.

Then this thing called, “Isaac” came into the gulf.

Car still not repaired.

Still no washing machine.

Family of four and puppies that poop.


What’s a gal to do?!

I know, I’ll use the bath tub!  OH.  MY.  WORD!

These are my yard work clothes and the kids outside play clothes.  

Oh.  My.  Word!

I had already done all the sheets from the puppies.

My hands are stiff; red, achy.  My arm muscles . . . just holding my arms up to type make me tired and my shoulders; oh honey, we won’t even go there.

Because I am hand ringing out each clothing, I decided it would be best to use a clothes line to help dry the clothes some before putting them in the dryer.

Oh.  My.  WORD!

How did they do it?

Seriously.  How did the women in the pioneer days do laundry every single day, cook meals from scratch, work in the barn and fields, sew clothes, and everything else they did. . . ?!

These women of olden days were tough women; and I don’t mean tough minded either!

Hats of to the older generation that knew what hard work was all about!

I sure won’t be taking my next washing machine for granted, I can assure you!  Whew!
Happy washin’ 🙂