No lie.

Right in front of us.

I thought I was going to die!  In fact, as I was typing it out, I got chills and goosebumps!  Ewwww!

Usually the Lord uses birds as my visual for His provision, protection and love for me; but this time, He chose a frog.

Yes.  A frog.

I was sitting on the steps of the front porch, when he jumped into the light.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but he had a worm hanging from his mouth.

A live worm.

A live, squiggly worm.


More goosebumps and chills!  Ick!

Right before my eyes, the frog eats the worm, one gulp at a time.

Once again, the Lord shows me that if the frogs are provided for, then why wouldn’t He provide for me?!

Today, once again, I dropped the ball on something important.

I have filled my days with so many little things, that no one thing is being accomplished.

Very frustrating.

Regardless, the Lord provided.

Pride was hurt and embarrassment set in, but I believe . . . . . I hope . . . . . it will open new doors to eventually bring us financial success.

Until then, I will continue to . . . . . .