I have intended on showing pictures and telling the stories of each of the puppies we have been fostering, and time and lack of discipline has gotten in the way, but, I hope to do better.

The puppies on this post are at my home and available for adoption.

If you are interested in fostering any of them, or making one, or two, or three . . . hehehe a part of your family, feel free to email me at thepadens@cox.net.

This is Valentine!  She is such a sweet loving girl!  We started fostering Valentine when she was just nine weeks old!  She is now pushing 8 months old!  She weighs 33lbs and I don’t think she will get much bigger than that.  She is the calmest puppy I have ever been around!  She is FANTASTIC with all dogs and cats!  In fact, when new puppies/dogs are brought in, she is the one I use to introduce them to.  She is amazing with children, but is calm enough for any senior citizen!  Valentine has my heart and my hopes are that she will be a part of a home that will love her for life!  Valentine’s previous owner did not care for their mommy well and let them sit in a  hole.  If not for the love and protection of their neighbor, they would have drowned during a rain storm when the hole they were delivered in flooded!  Valentine’s adoption fee is $95.  She is up to date on all her shots, including Rabies and she has been spayed.  You may contact me at thepadens@cox.net if you are interested in her and I will put you in touch with her owner, as well as schedule a time for you to meet her.  

This is Polar!  We call him, “Po-Po!”  He answers to both.  Polar’s mother had a horrible virus that she passed to her four babies during nursing.  She and three of her puppies (Polar was one) suffered from seizures.  Two babies did not make it; but Polar did!  Because of his seizure he has lost some vision.  His eyes react to light, but an object must be moving in order for him to see it.  He is also wobbly and clumsy; BUT, that does NOT stop him from trying!  He runs and plays and does his best to hang with the big kids, he just sleeps a little more!  Polar will always be small, but he has grown more than we thought he would!  At 4 months old he only weights 11lbs!  Polar is struggling with being house broken; but we are working on it!  All Po-Po wants is to be loved, lay in your lap and lick your face!  Polar is available for adoption through SouthBARK Animal Rescue.  To receive an application to adopt Polar, you may email Adopt@saveasoutherndog.com or if you are interested in fostering one of our many dogs in boarding, you may email Foster@saveasoutherndog.com.

This is Happy!  Happy is a 4 year old lab mix.  Happy is great with children and does well with older dogs.  Happy does not like to be jumped on by puppies or hyperactive dogs.  Happy is playful, housebroken, and loves to be near you.  Happy is crate trained and trust me, he loves his crate!  Happy is happiest when he is greeted in the mornings or when you take him outside to go potty!  I have never seen a dog dance, but Happy dances with excitement!  We have only been fostering Happy for three weeks, but he has already brought great joy to our home.  Happy is available for adoption now.  As I type this, he is nudging my arms for attention 🙂  Happy is up to date on all shots and has been spayed.  His adoption fee is $95.  You may contact me at thepadens@cox.net if you are interested in adopting Happy.  I will then put you in touch with his owner.

This is precious Shelby.  Shelby belonged to an elderly lady.  She was outside all the time.  The elderly lady’s son was supposed to be taking care of his mother, the house, and the dog, but he did not do that.  She lost her health, her home, and Shelby.  A neighbor went over and cared for Shelby for a week.  She gave Shelby her booster shots, and started them on a dewormer.  She eventually took Shelby to her house and cared for her there.  Shelby was brought to me for a hopeful adoption to a senior adult.  That adoption did not go through, so we have decided to continue fostering her until she finds her forever home.  Shelby is great with cats and other dogs; but she does not want young children climbing on her or other dogs.  Shelby loves treats and sneaky snacks from whoever is cooking, and I did find out that Shelby LOVES PINEAPPLE!  How funny is that!?!  We do not know exactly how old she is, but we suspect she is over 10 years old.  Shelby does have all her teeth.  Her hearing is good (other than having selective hearing, but I guess at her age she has that right!) and good eye sight.  Shelby is up to date on her shots and has been spayed.  If you are looking for a more mature, calming pet to add to your family, you will not be disappointed in this jewel!  If you are interested in adopting Shelby, please email Adopt@saveasoutherndog.com and fill out the application for adoption.

Oh my goodness!  This is Wilbur!  The picture says it all, doesn’t it?!  Wilbur LOVES the water!  With the Florida heat, we try to keep lots of water on hand, but nothing prepared me for this!  I had to grab the camera and FAST!  Every day fresh water goes in the turtle, and every day, Wilbur goes for a swim 😉  Wilbur is approximately 6 months old.  He is up to date on his shots and has been neutered.  Wilbur is excellent with ALL dogs, and does great with my children, but likes to chase the cats.  Wilbur would be content just lying in your lap as long as you will let him.  Wilbur is a doll.  We don’t know anything about Wilbur other than he came from Fayetteville, GA and was pulled with only 12 hours left to spare before he would be put to sleep.  Wilbur is ready to meet his forever family!  His adoption fee is $95.  You may email me at thepadens@cox.net if you are interested in adopting Wilbur.  Below is another picture of Wilbur so you can see his beautiful face!

Friday night, on the way home from taking 13 dogs to Atlanta for a Maine transport, we received word that a momma dog had been shot at.  They didn’t know if she was dead or alive, but she had 12 babies that were 3 days old.  Between myself and another foster, we split the 12.  Today, the babies are 11 days old!  Their eyes are not open yet and their little ears are starting to unfold.  They are starting to go potty by themselves (it’s the little things that make you happy!) and are learning to walk.  We were supposed to have them for just 24 hours, but it has turned in to a week, as of today.  The rescue is currently looking for adopters and/or a puppy rescue to take the puppies.

I have several puppies we have fostered that have already been adopted.  In the coming days I will share those as well.  Our family has truly been blessed by sharing our home with these amazing animals.  My children help pick up poop, bathe, and love on these babies and my husband is up and down with them at various hours of the night.  It has definitely been a team effort and has been a true blessing to my heart.
If you are interested in fostering, please contact me at thepadens@cox.net.
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