Alright guys, I need your help.

We have been fostering this precious 4 year old lab mix dog for three weeks now. 

His name is Happy and if you could see him dance, then you would understand why! Our family fights over who gets to let him out of the crate be

cause he is such a sight and lover!  Yes, Happy is crate trained and often takes naps in his crate just because he likes it!  He is also completely house broken and tells you when he needs to go out by standing at the door.

Through Happy’s transitions, he has become frustrated with the other dogs we are fostering, which are all puppies (under 9 months of age). 

Happy needs to be fostered by someone that has only one or two dogs that won’t be jumping all over him. 

He is GREAT with children and just wants to be loved. If you are interested in fostering Happy, or even adopting him, would you please email me at  

He is up to date on all shots, spayed, and is in great health (besides being a little over weight). 

Also, PLEASE HELP spread the word about Happy and share him with others on your blog or fb page. 

If you foster, the owner of the dog will provide transportation to you, food for Happy, and vetting.

If you are interested in adopting Happy, his adoption fee is $95, which covers all his vetting bills (which are obviously well over $95!)

Thank you!