Someone broke the antenna off our car last year, so we are very limited on what stations are picked up; but today, the Lord allowed me to pick up the frequency of K-Love 95.7 and hear a new song.

“I was that outcast.”

“I was that lost cause.”

“You died for sinners just like me.”

“I was looking around, but never looking up.  I am so double-minded.”

“Let our hearts be, led by mercy.”

“Jesus, friend of sinners; break our hearts for what breaks Yours.”

There is great controversy over Dan Cathy’s recent stand for marriage between one man, and one woman.

It has divided friends.

It has divided families.

It has gone viral.

I have been called a bigot.  An idiot.  And more, for voicing my beliefs.

Gays say that Dan Cathy hates them and are boycotting Chic-fil-A.

Christians, including myself, are losing their testimony by trying to “prove” they are “right” and instead of showing the love of Christ, we, I, are/am showing my ignorance by losing my temper.

I personally have family members  and friends that are gay.

While I do not agree with what they choose to believe, I still love them.

My heart is hurt that “they” think “Christians” really do hate them.

Please know, just because a person takes a stand for what they believe in, it does not make them wrong any more than you taking a stand for what you believe makes you wrong.

I live in the land of the free . . . . the United States of America.  It is my right to speak of my personal beliefs, just like Dan Cathy has that same right, just like you have that same right; regardless if I think you are right or wrong.

When I was drinking, partying and doing drugs, I wanted nothing at all to do with God.  In fact, I was stupid enough to one day say (and I remember like it was yesterday), “I believe god is a male chauvinist pig that wants everyone to just bow down to him.”

What was I thinking?!  

Friend, if you are reading this; please know, first and foremost, a person that loves Jesus, that professes Him as Lord (a Christian), does not hate you.  They, we, I, should not hate you.  IF they do, there are other issues as well.  You are valuable.  You are loved.  When it seems “all” are against you, there is a man named Jesus that loves you.

He died for you, to carry your sins, to tear down the wall of division between man and God.

I am saddened by all this tonight.

Jesus, Friend of Sinners