Today, Sunday, June 17th, we celebrate Father’s Day.

There was a time when I could care less about my dad.  He and I had both made stupid choices; and he and I both are so stubborn and hard headed that neither of us would budge, even if our lives are at stake.  

But, if you know me, you know that I’m not like that anymore . . . . 😀  (Sorry, but I had to shake my head and laugh at that one!)

A lot of time was missed.

Until God moved.

When God moves, one knows it.

He restores.

He blesses.

He encourages.

He provides.

He loves.

He whispers softly.

He speaks loudly.

He brings on tears (of thankfulness and sorrow).

He picks one up (not always the pieces, because there are always consequences).

He challenges.

He takes away.

He gives.

He strengthens.

God, The Father, can take any circumstance and use it for good.

Will you let Him?

God, The Father, gives us free will in everything.  That means we have a choice to make.

In everything.

In everything, there are consequences.

I was an adult before I realized good choices equal good consequences.

Genesis 50:20 tells us that what others mean for evil against us, God means it for good, to bring about what is happening this day. (that is obviously my translation, but you can look it up 🙂

Sometimes the “evil” that happens are the result of our own actions . . . the consequences of those actions . . . .

But God . . . . can turn it into good for His glory, IF (there’s that free will) we let Him.


I have no clue if any of this makes sense, but since I woke up this morning, I sensed the Lord wanting to share about my dad . . . . and all this other just came.  So if it is a bunch of rambling; I’m sorry.

My dad served in the United States Marine Corps for 21 years.

My dad was, and still is awesome.

I love the fact, that even when I know my dad is not going to agree, I can call on him and he will give non-prejudice advice.  Sound advice.  Tough advice.  Loving advice.  That is something that keeps me going back time and time again . . . . “Dad, I need guidance and my emotions are involved.  Can you help me see through it?”  He always has.

That, I will always treasure 🙂

The following is a picture of my dad, pictured with his dad, my Pappow.

I miss my Pappow every day, but am thankful for the days that I still have with my dad.

This is an OLD picture of my brother, sister, and me with my dad, but just felt it appropriate to add it.

I hope you all, especially my dad and my husband, have a wonderful Father’s Day!  And for the single mom’s that are out there, raising your children on your own . . . I pray your day is doubly blessed!  I pray you will recognize the Father in Heaven, that is a Father to the fatherless, and a husband to the “spouseless.”