Hey Friends!

I need your help!

Our family has been fostering puppies since February through SouthBARK Animal Rescue.  Many of the puppies and dog they pull from death row from various shelters, leave sickly; which requires extra vetting; which means more money to pay out!

There is a contest going on at The Animal Rescue Site.

We are currently in 7th place; but need a LOT more votes to even get close!

Would you please help us out?

When you vote, please type in SouthBARK.  Location is Loxley, AL.  You can vote once a day; BUT, if you are like me and use Internet Explorer and google plus; then you can use both providers and actually get TWO votes in a day!  If you have internet on your phone, that is another resource as well!

PLEASE share this post on your blog or fb page!  The extra votes could earn us a 1st place spot and bring in money that will save lives!

Thank you!